Frequently Typed Questions

What exactly do you do? 1896 connects pro-shops, dealers, outfitters, and stores with manufacturers. We are the manufacturers' reps, on the ground in Canada.

Can I buy something direct from you, if I don't own a store/retail location? No, thank you for asking though. We are really excited that you are interested. Please email and we will connect you with a retailer that is closest to you. 

We run a SMALL retail shop, is it even worth "wasting" your time? Yes, absolutely. Many of our brands thrive in "small" retail environments. Any conversation that we can have with a live customer is not a waste of time at all. Also, we may not be able to help you right now but, who knows what the future holds?

Where are you located? We are located in Orangeville, Ontario. About 1 hour north of Toronto. 

Have you really been around since 1896? No, we haven't. 

What other lines do you represent in Canada? We work with some of the most exciting brands in the hunting, fishing and outdoor industry. For a complete list of brands, please email

If family is so important to you, where are the pictures of your kids? Unfortunately, my wife wouldn't let me put pictures of them up on the internet. 

If we wanted to get started, carrying your brands, what should we do? The first step would be to email or call 519-806-0033.

What's with: "Family, Occupation, Recreation, & Dreams"? We figured it would be a creative way for you to get to know us. Using FORD as an acronym is a great tool to use when you meet new people. We thought it worked nicely on a website too. 

What if we want to carry a brand in our store that we don't see you represent? Please reach out to us and we will do our best to connect you with the correct person at that brand. We are well connected in the industry and have no problem being helpful.