"Established 1896 is a full service sales agency. Our primary goal is to connect unique, margin rich, and highly marketable brands, with specialized retailers in Canada".

1896 connects pro-shops, dealers, outfitters, and stores with manufacturers. We are the manufacturers' reps, on the ground in Canada. We do our best to present opportunities to decision-makers with a fact-based approach. We put in the work up front to understand margin-dollar opportunities, sell through potential, strategy and any hang-ups that may arise. Post-sale follow up is a key customer service contact point to ensure that product was delivered in a timely fashion and, meets the expectations of the customer. 

We also implement retail execution plans with organizations that are open to partnership. We ensure that staff are trained (product knowledge), merchandising is executed to plan and no question is left unanswered. This helps encourage sell through as the staff have a knowledge base heading into conversations with potential customers. Based on geography, this either happens in store or remotely.

We have found that a sound retail execution strategy is key in driving results at the retail level.

Attendance at industry trade shows is an important part of our business. 1896 regularly attends ICAST, SHOT Show, & ATA to ensure any upcoming trends can be understood and communicated. 

Our customers are usually retailers looking to differentiate themselves from their competition. This allows a specialized sales force for our brand partners in Canada, and retailers that care about brand success.